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A raw week in review

September 20, 2009

Our favorite time to go grocery shopping is on Saturday night.  The DeKalb Farmer’s market can be insanely crowded during the day, but at night, the crowd is a little less.  So we spend our Saturday nights buying a week’s worth of fruits and veggies.  Before we go, we make a menu for the week and grocery list.


Here is what we are eating this week:

Pineapple and Young Thai Coconut
Apple, Lemon, Kale
Orange, Banana, and Spinach

Lunches (will be a combination of):
Apple slices and raw almond butter
Celery and raw almond butter
Banana and raw almond butter on sprouted wheat Ezekiel Bread
raw okra
cucumber slices
pineapple ginger fruit rollups
and left over dinners

Sunday- Quinoa Tabouli
Monday- Fajita Salad
Tuesday- Raw Chili
Wednesday- Thai Salad
Thursday- Grapefruit, Fennel, Avocado Salad
Friday & Saturday- Clean out fridge and eat everything remaining!

Raw brownies
Banana walnut cookies

Planning ahead helps us buy only what we need and helps us stick to our healthy lifestyle.

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