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Raw food challenge: Dog Food: Day 1

July 24, 2010

So my dog is going raw.  Cappuccino (Chino) celebrated his 14th birthday this past spring.  I’ve had him since his birth when I was in the 9th grade.  He’s moved around with me all through college, to Portland, OR, and back to Georgia.  He is my baby, and I hate to see him getting old.

Chino’s had some minor health issues as we’ve entered the later part of his life.  However, he has insisted that he was a puppy all this time– running, playing, and determined to tear apart ever toy I’ve ever bought for him.  About two years ago, he was suddenly in great pain, and the vet determined that he must have a pinched nerve in his spine.  He was unable to walk for a couple of days.  The vet was unsure he would ever recover the use of his back legs.  Slowly he regained strength, and although he is unable to jump up onto the couch, he has been able to continue living a happy, normal dog life.

In the past few weeks, Chino has seemed older.  He is lacking energy, stiff when rising, and does not have much of an appetite.  His back legs are looking very weak and sometimes slip out from under him.  I’m pretty sure the answer to every human ailment is raw food, so why not dogs!  While I try to practice a raw, vegan diet, I am choosing the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet for my dog.  In the wild, animals eat raw foods—other animals and plant matter.

Today was day 1.  I went to City Dog Market, chatted with the super friendly employees, and made several purchases.  The food is frozen, and you just thaw out daily portions as you feed your pet.  My plan is to do 50/50, and feed him his dry food in the morning and the raw food in the evening.  However, he chose not to eat any dry food this morning, but he did devour his cold, raw food.

Initially, I was going to include my cat in the raw challenge, but he just wasn’t into the food.  Maybe because it was cold.  Or maybe because there are persimmons in the food.  And… well, he threw up the two bites he ate almost immediately.  So, no, he isn’t allowed to participate anymore.   Serving raw meat is hard enough.

Chino: Day 1

Chino cleaned his bowl and is staring down hoping for more.

Scarface tried the food, but you can tell he is weary of it.

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  1. July 27, 2010 8:13 am

    thank you for update

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